Small Square Vacuum Food Container with Hand Pump 23oz

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If you're always on the go and packing snacks, this is the perfect container for you. You no longer have to feel bad about throwing away the strawberries that are now squished beyond recognition inside the plastic storage bag you threw into your purse or book bag this morning. This container is great for snacks and compact enough to fit almost anywhere (maybe except for clutches)

Dishwasher safe; Microwaveable (do not microwave the lids)

Material: Tritan™ Plastic
Size : 23 oz/0.7 qt/2.8 cups
Hand Pump: Included

We at Vacucraft recognize the significant and indispensable role that food plays in our daily lives.

For this reason our products are created with a revolutionary technology that makes it easy to preserve your food longer. We also recognize the value of hard work. Our goal is to extend the life of your food so that you can save your money.

With our array of containers, you can preserve anything in your refrigerator or pantry. Your food storing possibilities are endless, and so are your savings!