Dream Catcher Lavender and Light Pink (Lavender Center) - D5.1" x L19.7"

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By purchasing this dream catcher you are helping the girls of the Juguemos en el Bosque Foundation have a better and meaningful life.

Dreams are desires that we all have and are included in different areas of our life. Thanks to the abundance of the Universe and personal attitude, it is possible for these dreams to manifest. In this process, the dream catchers play a key role. Decades ago they were discovered among some indigenous tribes of the United States that used them to protect people during the day and to protect the dreams and good energies that occurred while they slept during the night. We bring you this object to accompany you in this process to clarify what you want and enjoy the process until you receive it. It will add a unique and special touch to any room in your home.


  • Category: Unicorn Collection
  • Measurements: D 5.1" x L 19.7"
  • Colors: Lavender and light pink
  • Handmade with love

Note: Some minimum details may vary, since each dream catcher is unique, none is identical to another.