Silicone Spatula Large Nat/Slate Utensil

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Epicurean Silicone Utensils pair handles made of the same material as our renowned cutting boards with silicone heads that are heat resistant to 500F / 260C. Removable heads make cleanup easy. These dishwasher-safe utensils are must-have tools for mixing, stirring, scraping, and folding ingredients.

  • Large spoon for stirring, scraping and folding; measures 12.5" Long by 2.25" Wide silicone head by 1/4" thick handle, natural handle, black silicone
  • Comfortable smooth edge handle; silicone head is heat resistant up to 500 degree; heat resistant up to 350 degree; thin profile for easy storage
  • Made in USA; nonporous surface won't harbor bacteria; won't crack, fade or split
  • Perfect for everyday use, looks and feels like traditional wooden utensils, won't scratch pans
  • Modified natural material is lightweight, durable, nonporous; silicone head removes for cleaning; dishwasher safe, and easy to maintain; NSF approved