Pro Deba 6.5" Knife

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Most often used to process fish and poultry, this traditional Japanese culinary knife combines some of the functions of a cleaver with some of the functions of a chef's knife. The deba may be used to fillet fish, cut through small bones and skin, bone poultry, and cut meat. A single-bevel knife (sharpened on only one side of the blade), the Shun Classic Pro 6.5-in. Deba has a wide blade with a dropped point and a curved belly. Its traditional single-bevel design features a slightly hollow-ground back, which helps keep delicate foods intact and offers the additional benefit of helping food quickly release from the blade. The Shun Classic Pro 6.5-in. Deba is nimble and precise and ideal for many of the same tasks as a chef's knife.
The Shun Classic Pro 6.5-in. Deba is part of the Shun Classic Pro line of traditional Japanese blade shapes. Because nothing compares to the scalpel-like precision of a single-bevel, the Shun Classic Pro line features single-bevel blades in pure VG10 stainless steel with sharp chisel edges and comfortable D-shaped PakkaWood handles. With their dramatic, graffiti-etched blades, these knives are visually striking as well. The etched design on the blade—different for each blade style—is similar to etching found on custom Japanese knives and used to identify the blade’s maker. Blade backs are gently hollow ground, creating a tiny air pocket between blade and food so the knife glides through each task with quick precision. Sharpening on a whetstone is practically effortless.



  • This traditional Japanese blade shape offers precise cutting and handles many of the tasks of a smaller chef’s knife
  • Hand-sharpened 16° single-bevel blade
  • Steel: VG10
  • Handle: D-shaped ebony PakkaWood®
  • Blade length: 6.5 in. (10.8 cm)
  • Beautiful graffiti-etched blades
  • Handcrafted in Japan